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The tasting room at Halter Ranch Vineyards

Virtual Wine Tasting

Direct from the wine country, Virtual Wine Tasting will be coming to your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and more. A few wineries are taking a novel approach to the Coronavirus shutdown of tasting rooms by holding virtual tastings using Skype, Zoom, and Facebook.

What is a Virtual Wine Tasting?

Virtual wine tasting will work something like this. The winery will ship you a set of wines and will schedule a series of video chats or conferences. You open the wine, pour yourself a glass, and interact with the winemaker or a wine expert. If this works, expect a whole lot more wineries to go to Virtual Wine Tasting.

So far we know that these wineries will be offering virtual tastings:

Inman Family Wines

Winemaker Kathy Inman will hold a series of scheduled wine tastings on Facebook Video Chat. The Inman winery has a four-wine package of their Pinot Noir wine, Rosé, sparkling wines, and Chardonnay. Order your package online and then select your time for your virtual tasting with winemaker Kathy Inman. Click here for details.

St. Supery

For the next six Thursdays (started on 3/19) St. Supery will conduct a virtual wine tasting. The #Injoy at Home Tasting Kit consists of a six-pack of wines, with one wine selected for each of the Thursday conferences. Once the Home Tasting Kit is purchased, a link will take you to the Virtual Wine Tasting.

Clos du Val

Clos du Val is offering two virtual wine packages. It appears that the Virtual Wine Tasting will be on an individual basis, rather than a group of tasters.

Tasting room discounts

There are many out there, and most of them are discounting the shipping costs. Check your favorite wineries and tasting rooms and see what they have to offer. Keep us posted on any spectacular discounts or offers.


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  1. Thanks Joe – always good to see your posts and suggestions! Inspiration Vineyards (me – Jon Phillips) is hosting a virtual tasting tomorrow at 3:00pm – depending on interest, I’m thinking that I’ll be doing this weekly… it’s a fun way to engage with my customers and this will also be an interactive session. The session id is: – 3:00pm pds on Zoom – if the link here doesn’t work, folks can go to our website under the events tab and find it there. Thanks!

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