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California Wife

Kristen Harnisch’s sequel to “The Vintner’s Daughter”

“The California Wife” by Kristen Harnisch

This is a chance to win a signed copy of “The California Wife,” generously donated by the Author.

We’ve anxiously awaited the release of this wonderful sequel to our favorite wine-themed novel, “The Vintner’s Daughter,” by author Kristen Harnisch. “The Vintner’s Daughter” begins in the Loire Valley in 1895 and follows the plight of Sara Thibault as she helps her father work their small vineyard, hoping to become a winemaker herself. After her father dies in an accident, Sara and her sister Lydia are involved in a violent tragedy and forced to leave France for New York. Life in New York is very difficult, another tragedy occurs, and Sara eventually makes her way to California, hoping to fulfill her dream of becoming a winemaker.  Sara ends up working for vineyard owner Philippe Lemieux, also from the Loire Valley. Sara and Philippe work well together and fall in love, but revelations about Sara’s past are more than Philippe can endure. Sara sadly leaves California and returns to her family home in Loire.

“The California Wife” picks up where “The Vintner’s Daughter” ended, with Philippe following Sara to the Loire and professing his love for her.  Following their marriage, they work endlessly trying to tend the small vineyard in Loire and Philippe’s Eagle Run vineyard in the Napa Valley.  Against Philippe’s wishes, headstrong Sara gets involved in the Suffragette movement in California. There are many twists and turns in this delightful book, and we just hope that this ambitious couple will be able to withstand the daily pressures of life and a series of devastating events, including the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake.

How to win a copy of “The California Wife” by Kristen Harnisch

To enter the contest for the signed copy of “The California Wife,” simply tell us in the comment section below what your favorite California wine region is and why.  We’ll put your name in a hat (yes, we will!) and let you know whose name is chosen.  The contest will run through Friday, May 13, 2016

You can also order “The California Wife“directly from Amazon.


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