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About the Tempranillo Grape of Rioja


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Joe Becerra

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Rafael Vivanco on the Tempranillo grape

At the recent Digital Communications Conference held in Logrono, Spain, viticulturist and winemaker Rafael Vivanco addressed the conference attendees as we stood in his winery’s demonstration vineyard garden. Rafael and his brother Santiago are the third generation family members to run the historic Bodega Dinastia Vivanco. This Bodega is not only known for its outstanding wines but it has, what most wine experts agree, the greatest wine museum in the world. We moved among the grape varietals in the garden listening to Rafael speak about the most important grapes grown in the Rioja wine region. First up was Tempranillo, the most well-known and most-planted grape in Rioja. In this short slide video featuring Rafael Vivanco, he explains the origin of the Tempranillo grape, how it grows in the three areas of Rioja, and most importantly why this grape does so well in this region.

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