Dining in Yountville

Dining in Yountville - Order a Pizza at Ciccio

Dining in Yountville In our Wine Country Photo of the Day, we feature one of Napa Valley’s favorite dinner spots, Ciccio in Yountville.  Yountville has many upscale restaurants, perhaps more restaurants per capita than any other wine country town.  Read more about Yountville restaurants and what people do in Yountville.  Check out this Yountville Quick … Read more

Ciccio in Yountville

Ciccio in Yountville

Ciccio in Yountville The Napa Valley has many fun and interesting places to visit besides wineries. One of those is Ciccio in Yountville. It has been open for three years and has become very popular for its fine Italian food, especially pizza. In 2015, Ciccio made the San Francisco Chronicle’s Top 100 Restaurants in the … Read more

Yountville is Napa Valley’s elite wine town

Why Yountville is Napa Valley’s elite wine town Since the recession left us, the town of Yountville has emerged into Napa Valley’s elite wine town. There are more Micheline rated restaurants per capita then any other area in the world. It is the home to the world famous French Laundry restaurant. The lodging is Yountville … Read more

Inside Yountville

“Inside Yountville” is the first of a series of short videos designed to give the tourist a quick view of the major attractions of these localities: where to stay, dine, shop, and enjoy other very fun wine country activities.

Wine Adventures in Yountville

Sometimes you just need a quick getaway to cure the doldrums of the winter months. And that is what we just did with a one-night getaway to Yountville in the Napa Valley. We booked a room at the Napa Valley Lodge for $149 at their special winter rate. The Lodge is very comfortable and within walking distance of the restaurants, tasting rooms, and lots of boutique shops. Although on this day it was grey and damp, it was a delight to drive along the Napa Valley floor and take in the beautiful scenery of the mountains and vineyards.

We arrived just in time for our 12:30 lunch restaurant at Redd Wood, the newest restaurant in town, owned by Richard Reddington of Redd Michelin fame in Yountville. The restaurant is located in the North Block Hotel, formerly the Hotel Piero. Redd Wood is a pizzeria with causal dining in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The specialties, of course, are pizzas but there are many other menu items. There were four of us for lunch. Two shared a pizza and a salad and thought they were both just okay, nothing spectacular. Janelle and I shared a pear and wintergreens salad and a sandwich with rosemary foccacia, prosciutto cotto, and crucolo cheese. They were both excellent. The Sommelier was very cool, answering my questions about a few wine choices on his wine list, and recommended a Docellto/Barbera from Piedmonte in Italy that was very tasty, medium bodied, and perfect with our meals. The Wine list is good with a wine selection at $38 and above.

Redd Wood Pizzeria

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Yountville – Best Wine Town in the Napa Valley?

In a couple of weeks, we will be visiting the Napa Valley for a few days and once again we will be making the town of Yountville our destination locale. We also like Calistoga, but we have to give Yountville the edge for a number of reasons.

For starters, Yountville has a great choice of restaurants and most within walking distance of all the B&B’s. The famous Thomas Keller has the French Laundry, Bouchon, and Ad Hoc in Yountville. There are also Redd’s, Bistro Jaunty, and Michael Chiarello is about to open a new restaurant in the V Marketplace, Bottega Restaurante. We are very fond of Mustard’s but you have to hop in your car or take a cab. It is just too far to walk from Yountville’s main area of Washington Street. Fortunately, the cab service is quite reliable.

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Yountville – What The Wine Spectator Missed

Our June 15th edition of the Wine Spectator arrived in our mailbox with a special wine country section focusing on five different California wine venues including the town of Yountville in the Napa Valley. We happened to have been there last week taking advantage of a $150 a night mid-week special at the Yountville Inn. After reading the Wine Spectator article we thought it would be a good idea to add our “two cents” to Wine Spectators take on Yountville.

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