Vintage Wine Tasters Announce Results of Zinfandel Tasting

On Thursday, a group of seven wine aficionados, who call themselves the Vintage Wine Tasters, gathered together to taste and judge six Zinfandel wines from the 2006 vintage priced under $20. This group of veteran wine drinkers and wine collectors have been meeting informally for years. After much serious discussion, the group determined they needed to impart their expertise and wisdom on the Web 2.0 wine world. This post marks the first official public announcement of their wine tasting and recommendations.

Why go public now? Time is ripe for a new breed of wine critics. People are getting tired of the Robert Parker and the Wine Spectators of the world. It is time for a new voice that rocks the wine world. The Vintage Wine Tasters have years of wine-tasting experience dating back to the days of Hearty Burgundy and Red Mountain wine selling for one dollar a gallon.

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