What is the difference between the Napa Valley and Sonoma?

crossroads of napa valley and sonoma which is better

What is the difference between the Napa Valley and Sonoma? Should I travel to the Napa Valley or should I go to Sonoma? What is the difference between the two wine regions and which one is better? Main differences between the two wine regions We travel to Napa Valley and Sonoma regularly. Wine country travelers often … Read more

Ten Tips For the California Wine Country Traveler

Tasting rooms in town save driving but you miss the experience
Napa, Yountville, Healdsburg, Sutter Creek, Murphys, you name it, they all have tasting rooms where you can walk outside your hotel or B&B and never get into a car to taste a plethora of wines. The one thing these tasting rooms lack is wine country.

Travel Tips from the Wine Traveler

Get Ready for Harvest, now thru October
With the weather providing the ideal climate so far, growers and winemakers are expecting this year to be a banner harvest. The first sparkling wine grapes have been harvested and Sauvignon Blanc is just around the corner. This is the most wonderful time to be in wine country. Wineries will be a working around the clock and the smell of fermenting grapes will permeate the air. You’ll spot harvest in the fields, and trucks full to the brim with grapes will be roaring along the backroads . You can follow us for harvest updates on Twitter or our Facebook Fan page.

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