The Emerging Amador Wine Country

A look at Amador Wine Country

image of Amador wine country
Wineries on Steiner Road in Shenandoah Valley

We have been traveling to Amador wine country in search of wine, food and other delights since 2001. We have always enjoyed this wine region for these reasons: The wines are very good and affordable. The majority of wineries are very small and family owned. The backroads are beautiful, lined with vineyards, oak trees, and grasslands. It is a quiet wine country with few crowds and little traffic. We love the Napa Valley and Sonoma, but sometimes you need something a little more down-to-earth, less chic and swanky.

On our last few visits to this region, we’ve seen signs that the sleepy Amador wine country is beginning to emerge as a popular destination spot. For folks who love this hidden wine country, this may not be a good thing; but we are predicting that within five years, wine tourism will absolutely boom in this area. Here is why we think this will happen.

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