Lodi Wine Country – worth a getaway

Lodi wine country

About Lodi Wine Country Lodi wine country is a totally different atmosphere than the Napa Valley or Sonoma. It does not have the vast number of fine dining establishments and lodging experiences. It does not have the luxurious  tasting rooms or high-end tasting fees of the Napa Valley. What Lodi wine country does have to … Read more

Lodi Wineries & Grapes

lodi wineries

About Lodi Wineries & Grapes Lodi wineries are known for their big and fruit-forward Zinfandel wines. Indeed, some of the Lodi wineries are said to have some of the oldest Zinfandel vines in California. Recently, there has been a trend to grow Spanish grapes. The leader in this area is Bokisch Vineyards. They not only … Read more