Wine Country Hidden Wines and Hikes

Montgomery Woods State Natural Preserve

Wine Country Hidden Wines and Hikes – Mendocino County If you are traveling between the Anderson Valley and the Hopland wine country, this is a sweet hike for wine lovers who love the outdoor life. Hiking in Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve For a secret and hidden getaway for hiking and wine fun, try Mendocino’s … Read more

McFadden becomes Blue Quail

McFadden becomes Blue Quail – Hopland Happenings If Healdsburg wine country is getting too crowded for your getaway, try Hopland, California. Hopland is 35 minutes north of Healdsburg on Highway 101. There are several wineries and tasting rooms in the Hopland area. The wineries in the Hopland area are mostly small and family-owned and farmed … Read more

Mendocino and Wine Romantics

Romantic things to do mendocino

Mendocino and wine romantics This is how to combine wine, wine country and romance into a getaway weekend. We call it “Mendocino and Wine Romantics.” Mendocino at this time of year is a true getaway. No crowds and a lot of solitude are included in this wine country adventure. The photo above is of Point Cabrillo … Read more

Hopland – Little Wineries and Great Values

My neighbor asked us where we were off to and I said “Hopland.” The dumbfounded look on her face said it all. She had never heard of the town of Hopland. I told her that we were going there to play Bocce, taste wine, and stay in an old hotel that once was a brothel and perhaps is haunted. The dumbfounded look deepened and she walked back into her house and said “Have a good time.” Yes, It was a little strange that we were off to Hopland when we could have just as easily been going to the Napa Valley, Healdsburg, or Sonoma.

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