Veraison Pinot Noir Grapes

Pinot Noir grapes undergoing veraison

Veraison Pinot Noir Grapes in the Russian River Valley Nearing the end of July in a normal climate year, veraison is underway in the vineyards of Northern and Central California. Veraison is a French term and means the onset of ripening. Veraison is an important event in the growing season of a vineyard. Excitement reigns … Read more

Vineyard workers

vineyard workers

Vineyard Workers in action These vineyard workers are indispensable throughout the growing season. In this photo, these workers are thinning the leaves among the Pinot Noir vines at the Benovia Winery in the Russian River Valley. By all accounts these vineyard workers will soon be harvesting grapes. Before harvest approaches, pruning is required several times, … Read more

Benovia Winery Pinot Noir and Photography

How often does a winery sponsor a photography class? I don’t recall any winery offering this type of class or experience. Benovia Winery located in the Russian River Valley AVA just might be the only winery ever to venture into this territory. The class was a great treat for the 32 wine and photo buffs who participated in one of two daylong sessions this past Saturday and Sunday. The attendees were instructed by Con Keyes, a long-time and now retired photographer with the L.A. Times. In addition, Bob Mosby, Benovia’s General Manager, and Tucker Catlin, vineyard developer, were present to lead us around the winery and give us insights into winery operations. The winery even went as far as bringing in some vineyard staff to work the vines, drop late-developing fruit and do some shoot thinning. They were instructed to work slowly so we could capture the “moment”with our digital cameras.

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