Ballentine Vineyards Napa Valley

Ballentine Vineyards

Ballentine Vineyards Voted as one of Napa Valley’s top “Boutique Wineries,” Ballentine Vineyards is a refreshing change of pace from the usual fare of the fancy tasting rooms in the Napa Valley. Ballentine Vineyards founding date is 1906. The vineyard and winery are family-run, now by the fourth generation. The winery is low key and … Read more

Napa Valley Rain Water

napa valley rain water

The Napa Valley needs water! California needs water! This is a welcome sight in the Napa Valley wine country. Recent rains have dumped several inches of water on Napa Valley vineyards and elsewhere in California. Some of this vital rainwater is captured and directed into wells for use later in the vineyard growing season. Later this … Read more