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Insiders to the Napa Valley know that cruising along the Silverado Trail is much easier than traveling Highway 29 along the Valley. The Silverado Trail is prettier and the wineries a lot less busy than their counterparts on Highway 29. The only problem is the local drivers who cruise Silverado like it’s the fast lane on the freeway. They seem to bare down on tourists like there is no tomorrow, getting as close as possible. It almost seems like they want us to know that this is their road and to use Highway 29 if you want to Sunday drive. You just have to ignore them and pull over whenever you have the chance.
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Driving from Highway 80 you can get to the Siverado Trail through the backdoor by diving through the east side of the city of Napa. Just follow the Google map we have included and you are in business.

Once you are on the Silverado Trail stick to the wineries that line either side of the road all the way to Calistoga. About the only place to stock up on picnic items on the Silverado Trail is the Soda Canyon Store. Fortunately, it is located conveniently near the beginning of the Silverado Trail. We have stopped here a number of times for our picnic lunch.
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The place is run by Gina Ergun and Bonnie Mott. It has a homey country atmosphere. There is no smack of Dean & DeLuca here, just a favorite spot for many of the locals who travel about in this area. The store has a terrific Deli section, an expresso bar, and a very good but small selection of Napa Valley wines. At the noon hour on any day of the week the deli is busy.

Google Map From Carquinez Bridge on Highway 80 to Soda Canyon Store. Click on ” View larger map” to get directions.

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  1. Regarding “Silverado Trail and Soda Canyon Store”

    Delicious! Clean! Beautiful! IT IS NOT!!!

    I’m sorry to rain on your parade but this store really could use a little TLC.

    It it does not carry many items that other stores of ithis type carry has standard fare.

    The management is obviously in need of reminding that the customers need to be satisfied not scorned when they walk into the store.

    This store could really be great unfortunately I drive by it daily with out stopping with my guests because I don’t want them to be disappointed or treated rudely by someone behind the counter.

    (Wine Tour Guide)

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