Sauvignon Blanc Harvest


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Sauvignon Blanc harvest
Sauvignon Blanc harvest
Sauvignon Blanc harvest begins in the Napa Valley

Sauvignon Blanc Harvest begins in the Napa Valley

August 30, 2018, begins the Sauvignon Blanc harvest in the Napa Valley. From this date through the next two weeks most of the Sauvignon Blanc will be picked and crushed for the 2018 vintage. These Sauvignon Blanc grapes are from a small and hidden winery in St. Helena. The vineyard owner is a famous art gallery proprietor in San Francisco. These Sauvignon grapes are headed to the Cade winery in Howell Mountain. This August was below average in temperature and the cool temperatures delayed the harvest for about one week.

The St. Helena Sauvignon Blanc harvest in these photos was in the early morning hours. Overcast skies enabled the harvest crew to pick easily and without much duress. All in all, this appears to be a fantastic harvest. Time will tell.

Sauvignon blanc harvest 2018
Sauvignon Blanc harvest – early morning rush


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