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Raymond Vineyards is located on Zinfandel Lane in St. Helena. Zinfandel Lane is one of the several crossroads that traverse the Napa Valley between Highway 29 and the Silverado Trail. If you are trying to escape the weekend crowds at peak season, you will find the crossroad wineries to be just a little less busy.

Raymond Vineyards has been making wine since the 1970’s. We are not sure how old the winery building and tasting room are but they look very residential almost like something you would find in a gated community. It is very non-Napa like.

raymond vineyards

As soon as you enter the Raymond tasting room you get a connection between Raymond Vineyards and the historic Beringer Brothers Winery. There are Beringer photos and other memorabilia posted in the tasting room. Raymond owner Roy Raymond began working at Beringer in 1930 and then met and married Martha Beringer. When the Beringer Family sold their winery in 1971, Raymond and Martha wanted to make their own wine and purchased land in the Napa Valley and started Raymond Vineyards.

Raymond makes wine from their 600 acres they have accumulated over the years. They produce wines from the supermarket level to the very high end. In the tasting room, you have several options for tasting wines. Tasting fees vary according to the selection. We did the basic tasting and we felt all the wines in that category were all very well made and good tasting. We didn’t buy any of the wines and that is rare for us. Nothing really jumped out at us that we had to have. Raymond is a nice place to visit at least once.

The Good: Nice wines, various levels of tasting flights available.
The Bad: Nondescript tasting room and nothing memorable about the winery.

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