Provenance Vineyards


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Joe Becerra

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Provenance Vineyards is located just past the town of Rutherford on the west side of the road on Highway 29. It’s hard to miss; it is the big red barn-style building. We visited this winery a couple of weeks ago on a Sunday around 11 am.


Two people were working the tasting room and it seemed as though they didn’t quite have their act together. One was spending most of his time with one customer, a visitor from Germany. The second may have been newly hired, not sure of herself as she made the rounds. All in all, we felt our experience there was a little on the uncomfortable side so we did not stay long.

The tasting fee at Provenance is $10. The wines are extremely good but range in price from $19 for the Sauvignon Blanc to $50 for their top Merlots. Our favorite wine that we tasted was the Sauvignon Blanc. However, we think there are several other wineries that produce a Sauvignon Blanc that is as good or better for around $14 to $16 a bottle.

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