Pinot Noir Wine Glasses in the Russian River Valley


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Joe Becerra

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wine glasses pinot noir
wine glasses pinot noir
In the Russian River Valley Pinot Noir wine glasses

Pinot Noir Wine Glasses in the Russian River Valley at Benovia

I shot this photo at the Benovia Winery in the Russian River Valley. These are Pinot Noir wine glasses most likely made by the Riedel Wine Glass Company. The Russian River Valley is famous for Pinot Noir, a grape that requires cool climate but enough sun to bring vitality and life to one of the hardest wine grapes to grow. Benovia is one of several producers in the Russian River Valley that makes high quality Pinot Noir wines. See the Russian River Valley Wine Route for a list of wineries making great Pinot Noir and other wines.

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  1. My husband and I have actually been to the Benovia Winery and LOBED it! There are so many great wineries in the Russian River Valley, but Benovia is by far our favorite. I highly recommend if anyone is looking for one particular vineyard to try out in the area.

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