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As we have mentioned in past blog posts, only a handful of wineries have a Napa County permit that allows visitors to picnic on winery grounds. This makes it difficult at times to find a convenient place to picnic in wine country. In the town of Yountville we stumbled upon a hidden picnic spot. The picnic spot is at the Vintage 1870 boutique shopping hub.

V Wine Cellar Yountville 1870

The Vintage 1870 center is a landmark building you can’t miss as you drive through downtown Yountville. This entire set of buildings that make up the Vintage 1870 were once winery buildings and a distillery constructed in 1870 by Gottlieb Groezinger of San Francisco. Behind the main structure is a wonderful wine shop, V Wine Cellar. Outside the side entrance of V Wine Cellar is the picnic spot, a secluded deck with tables and umbrellas. The wine shop has a great selection of wines and they will provide wine glasses if you need them. If you did not pack a picnic lunch, there are no worries. You can walk across Washington Street to Bouchon Bakery and find an assortment of deliciously prepared sandwiches. Thomas Keller of restaurant French Laundry fame is the owner.

We purchased our sandwiches and a few other goodies at Bouchon Bakery and headed to V Wine Cellar. We searched the refrigerated section at V Wine Cellars and found an interesting Sauvignon Blanc from Teaderman Vineyards. This winery was new to us. The proprietor told us it was a very good wine and made by renowned winemaker Heidi Barrett. It was a great discovery and we very much enjoyed a glass of the Teaderman with our Bouchon lunch.

Bouchon Bakery in Yountville

If you have the time, browsing V Wine Cellar is worthwhile. They have a broad collection of wines including many unique and hard to find wines from the Napa Valley, such as the Teaderman we had with lunch. You can also enjoy wine tasting at V Wine Cellar. They have a set of daily wine flights available for tasting.

Next time you’re in Yountville, looking for a place to picnic, you will know where to go.

The Good: Pleasant picnic spot and usually very quiet, great selection of wines at V Wine Cellar.
The Bad: No vineyards to view.


  1. marisa d'vari says

    Thanks for posting this! Yes, a huge challenge is to find a winery with great wine who also allows food to be brought in. Many years before SIDEWAYS San Ynez had the best picnic spots in wineries … haven’t been in a while since I’m on the East Coast, but my guess is they exist no longer.