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Erin Hanson
Erin Hanson Art & Wine tour in Paso Robles

15 Paso Robles wineries to participate in the Erin Hanson Art & Wine Tour 2015

Something quite different will take place in the Paso Robles wine country in September. Fifteen Paso Robles wineries will participate in the Erin Hanson Art & Wine Tour 2015. These select Paso Robles wineries will feature the oil paintings of impressionist artist Erin Hanson.  Erin has spent the past five years exploring the Central Coast and Paso Robles wine country. Her paintings of wine country are stunning, with brilliant colors and brush strokes that present a vibrant and passionate view of the wine country. Those who visit these wineries will not only be able to view the paintings, but also be able to enter their names to win an original piece of art by Erin Hanson as well as this beautiful California Wine Country Book. For those who do not wish to drive from winery to winery, visitors can take the Art Hop.  The Hop On, Hop Off Wine Tour is offering a special excursion to select wineries on the west and east sides of Paso Robles wine country. Additional information.

Artist Erin Hanson
A chance to win this book

Erin Hanson’s California Wine Country

This is a beautiful coffee table book. The landscapes just seem to pop out from each page. This is the type of book to be enjoyed with a glass of your favorite wine. The book and the wine will enhance your experience. I have an extra copy of “California Wine Country: Impression in Oil” by Erin Hanson that was sent to me by the publisher. I am offering readers of this article a chance to win this book. Here is all you have to do. Sign up for our email subscription list (we do not share your email). The sign-up email form is at the bottom left of this Web page. Secondly, write one or two sentences about Paso Robles wine country. Those who are already on our email list also qualify by entering a comment.  We will run this one-book giveaway contest until the end of the day on September 3.  The winner will be chosen by a random drawing and be announced the following day.

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  1. Thanks for those that entered the wine country book giveaway. We only had two entrants so we flipped a coin to see who would win the book. We have notified the lucky winner. If you are in Paso Robles wine country be sure to check out the fantastic art work of Erin Hanson.
    Cheers, Joe

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