POSTED ON August 3, 2015 | IN Wine Photo of the Day | BY Joe Becerra
Paella recipe

Paella in wine country

Paella in the vineyards – Paella recipe

What could be more fun than Paella in the vineyards of California wine country? Making a Paella for a crowd has become very popular activity at wineries, restaurants, and homes in wine country. In the above photo we see a Paella almost ready to feed a group of 22. It is fun to watch the Paella cook and to help the chef add some of the ingredients. This particular Paella party took place at a home in St. Helena. To cook a Paella, not only do you need a recipe but the correct-sized Paella pan and a Paella burner. It is also possible to cook Paella on a charcoal BBQ or a gas grill.  I love making Paella and the enjoyment it brings to a gathering.

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