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napa valley olive oil

Wine Country traveling is still not an option. Only time will tell when we can get back to traveling to the Napa Valley. Put this idea on your Napa Valley future travel plans.

napa valley olive oil
Naap Olive oIl On Charter Oak in St. Helena – since 1931

Napa Valley Olive Oil Company

From the name, one would suspect the Napa Valley Olive Oil Company would be one of the several high-end boutique style shops in St. Helena. Napa Valley Olive Oil Company is anything but Napa Valley chic. The Napa Valley Olive Oil Company operates out of a late 1800 wood barn structure. Inside it is as casual as can be. Most customers seem to be regulars who come and go with a couple of jugs of olive oil. 

Delicious olive oil at a terrific price

I purchased a half-gallon of extra virgin olive oil for $27.50. I sampled it with a cube of French bread, and the olive oil is the real deal. This olive oil is a terrific bargain for those who cook with olive oil. A couple of weeks before, I purchased a 375ml bottle of olive oil at a high-end winery for $30. Ouch! That one I will save for particular foods and cooking. 

The Napa Valley Olive Oil was started in 1931 by Gugliermo Guidi. The Particelli and Lucchesi family now run the company. The store is a throwback to the golden era of the Napa Valley. That is the way the family wants to run the operation. Besides their essential extra virgin olive, they offer 20 different infused olive oils and 20 types of balsamic vinegar. Cheese, pasta, salami, and loaves of bread are available. We love this store!

The company also has a store in the town of Napa. That store is more attractive inside and out. The St. Helena store is at 835 Charter Oak Ave. Oh, one more thing, they do not take VISA or any other charge cards, it is cash or check, only just like the old days.

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  1. Hello, born in StHelena in 1949, have been coming here before I was born, our family comes here several times a year for our picnics, we love ❤️ it, best salami, cheese, bread anywhere in the Napa Valley, always friendly and helpful, see you this weekend

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