POSTED ON June 14, 2009 | IN Sparkling Wine, Wine News | BY Joe Becerra

Amazon Closer to Selling Wine
When New Vine Logistics closed its doors a couple of weeks back many were predicting that Amazon would either drop or have a long delay in launching their plan to sell wine online. Amazon had contracted New Vine Logistics to handle the sales. New Vine Logistics is back and word has it that several key wine industry people (not me, however) have been invited to a sneak preview of the Amazon wine website. For Napa Valley wineries this just might be the help they need to clear building inventory. This is good for the consumer as well, more chances to find the ultimate wine bargain. Wine.woot is cool but Amazon will be fierce competition. My source for this information is from “Tech Flash“.

Events for the Wine Traveler
It is heating up in the Napa Valley with events and happenings scheduled for the summer wine traveler. One of the main attractions is next Saturday evening, June 20th, 6 pm to 10 pm. called the Solarbartion. This event is taking place at the new, chic, and very “green” hotel, the Bardessono in Yountville. Ten solar-powered Napa Valley wineries will be represented. This event features wine tasting, food, and live entertainment.

Napa Valley Vintners Auction
This is old news but articles are still popping up about the auction raising a measly 5.7 million. My reaction: that is a lot of money and not too shabby considering the shellacking most everyone has taken in the stock market and housing market, not to mention how many have been laid off or worked furloughed. Way to go Napa Vintners!

Wine Blogger Conference — Napa Valley Wineries Will Have a Presence.
This is the second annual event for wine bloggers taking place at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa on July 24 to 26th. At last year’s event, the Napa Valley was a no-show, while wineries from Sonoma County wined and dined the attendees. This year it is a different matter with the Napa Vintners taking the entire group of wine bloggers on a day-long Saturday outing to the Napa Valley that includes a Grand Tasting of Napa wines at Quintessa and dinner served at participating wineries. When the conference is over, the Hall Winery has invited bloggers for a tour and tasting and lunch and has negotiated $99 a night stay at the La Rsidence Inn for July 26, 27.

Wine Traveler Lodging Specials
There are many deals to be had at least through the end of June and maybe longer. I went to six lodging websites and found specials at each one. This includes the Yountville Inn, Villagio Inn, Harvest Inn, and Marriott. However, I have found Internet specials are not always the best deal. Contact the lodging establishment by phone and ask them for the best special they can offer you for your dates of travel.


  1. Alan @ MutineerMag says

    I’m really excited to see what happens when enters the market. I think that the market will grow and then expand with Amazon’s presence, leaving room for current online retailers as well.

  2. joe says

    Barbara, I referrred to Tech Flash as my source in the blog post. I am not an insider by any stretch. Tell us more about what you know.

  3. barbara says

    new vine back? Have you checked the facts? Ibginc has agreed pending due dilligence to buy their senior debt. Is that a reinvention? No that is to push them to bankruptcy then a NUCO. Amazon launch immediately don’t count on it. Joe do a bit more research it is all up in the air.