POSTED ON August 5, 2006 | IN Activities | BY Joe Becerra

Our good friend Dale Perkins is a successful watercolor painter. Dale’s focus in watercolors has been scenes from the beautiful city of San Francisco. Now he has added wine country watercolors to his portfolio. Dale got the bug for wine country once he visited our web site, Wine Country Getaways, and viewed the various photographs on the site. napa-valley-art.gif

He saw the beauty of the landscape and with his brush has produced some marvelous wine country art. We really think these are very special and would make a great gift for the wine lover. Dale is a terrific artist and better yet just a very nice guy.

We also just heard about a painting retreat offered in the Napa Valley by Alla Prima Studio, which was founded by artist Gretchen Kimball. The studio has begun providing landscape-painting retreats at various locations throughout Napa Valley. They have just finished their first retreat in July and there are more to come. Check out the offerings on Alla Prima Studio’s Web site.

With harvest time nearing, photographers have that once-a-year opportunity to photograph the Napa Valley at its greatest time, “The Crush.” Whether it is a close-up of ripe bulging grapes, or photographing the furious work of harvesting grapes, the amateur or professional has the chance to visually capture the making of a bottle of wine. Get those cameras ready.