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Why stay in the town of Napa

We begin in the north end of the Valley with the city of Napa. Napa is bustling! Napa is undergoing a rejuvenation. Napa is on the rebound from a devastating earthquake in August of 2014. Restoration of old buildings is progressing, and there are the exciting new hotel and business developments. There are many lodging choices from fancy hotels, and B&B’s to moderately-priced motels.  Gourmet dining is within walking distance of most hotels. Back to the Napa Valley Wine Country Planning Guide

What people do in downtown Napa

Wine Tasting: Some call the town of Napa the “Wine Tasting Room Capital of the World.” There are over 40 tasting rooms within walking distance of the downtown and hotel area. For the latest list of tasting rooms see Do Napa