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This was to be the 18th annual Mustard Festival but the event is taking a “hiatus” as it states on the Mustard Festival website. I must admit the only event I ever participated in was the mustard photo contest. All the other official mustard events sounded like fun but they were way too expensive for my pocket book. Just because there is no official Mustard Festival this year, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the wild mustard and visiting the Napa Valley. You can always make up your own Mustard Festival activities. We love this time of the year and here are a few of our favorite mustard activities that will be easy on your budget.

Yount Mill Road
We love walking this trail especially in the morning before breakfast. But it is great at any time of the day. The mustard plant is spectacular along this quiet road where most of the traffic comes from walkers, joggers, and bicyclists. Start in Yountville and park your car on Yount Street where the Bardessono Hotel is located. Walk up Yount Street and turn to the right on Yount Mill Road. Plan on about 45 minutes of walking for an out and back experience.

View along Yount Mill Road - Mustard and Vaca Mountains

Visit Whitehall Lane Winery – St. Helena
Not just to taste their delicious wines but from their parking lot you get a fantastic view of the Mayacamus Mountains and amazing mustard. In the foreground are a white water tower, barn, and a cute little home. The combination makes for a scenic view and photo op that is quite awesome. The present banner photo at top of the blog was taken from this spot.

A picnic among the fields of Mustard
Pack a lunch on a sunny day or even a cloudy day and picnic at a winery where you can find some vineyards filled with blooming mustard. Go to our list of wineries that have a picnic spots in the Napa Valley and give the tasting room a call to get a mustard vineyard status. “ Got any mustard in your vineyards?”

Go to the Oxbow Public Market
You won’t find any fields of mustard here but part of the experience is enjoying good food and wine. Things seem to be much better at the Oxbow Public Market these days. The place is more alive with visitors and interesting vendors. There is a lot of good food and the atmosphere is inviting and very casual. Don’t just go inside the market, walk around the area and visit many of the interesting shops. You are sure to find something to like and enjoy.

Yountville and Calistoga Mustard Events
There are still some activities in Yountville and Calistoga that will continue as planned. Mustard Mud and Music, A Calistoga Jazz Festival, is scheduled for March 5 & 6, 12 pm to 6 pm. Taste of Yountville will take place on Saturday, March 19, 11 am to 5 pm. Visit the Calistoga Chamber of Commerce and Yountville Chamber of Commerce Websites for more information.

The important thing is to enjoy this spectacular show that lasts from now until the end of March. As spring comes the vines will begin to bud and then all the mustard is plowed under. Show over!


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