Mount St. George in the Napa Valley


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Mount St. George
Mount St. George
Mount St. George – as seen from Judd’s Hill Winery

Mount St. George in the Napa Valley

I shot this iPhone photo on Sunday, May 17th at Judd’s Hill Winery. Mount St. George is part of the Vaca Mountain Range that forms the eastern side of the Napa Valley. There is said to be some vineyards at the base of Mount St. George and one hiking trail that leads to a waterfall. I searched for information on Mount St. George hiking trails and found some information on the Land Trust of Napa County. Please comment below if you know about hiking trails on Mount St. George. As you can observe from the photo, the day was overcast and cool. This has been the pattern for several days and the same is forecast through the week. Cool days like these in the Napa Valley extend the vineyard growing season. Early warm weather in February and April prompted an early bud break and growth of the vines. The growing season is believed to be two to three weeks ahead of a normal year. This latest extended cool weather could bring the Napa Valley back on track to a normal year in the vineyards. Judd’s Hill Winery is one of the first wineries as you drive north along the Silverado Trail. Look for the balloons on the right side of the road just a couple of miles up the Silverado Trail.

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  1. Where is this trail to mt. George hiking waterfall trail. I cant find it. Need directions please.

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