McFadden becomes Blue Quail


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Joe Becerra

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McFadden becomes Blue Quail – Hopland Happenings

If Healdsburg wine country is getting too crowded for your getaway, try Hopland, California. Hopland is 35 minutes north of Healdsburg on Highway 101. There are several wineries and tasting rooms in the Hopland area. The wineries in the Hopland area are mostly small and family-owned and farmed organically. Get away from the crowds and discover some fantastic wines from inland Mendocino County. One of our favorite stops is the McFadden Vineyards Tasting Room. We were surprised to find that on our most recent visit, McFadden changed its label to Blue Quail. The wines are the same excellent wines as before. The name change is a business decision, a PR campaign no doubt. Whether McFadden or Blue Quail, the winery should have no trouble selling their wines. Wines are so good and are priced reasonably. Take the delicious Pinot Gris for example. It is the best tasting Pinot Gris this side of Oregon, and it is only $16. There is a big bonus, all the grapes for this wine are organically farmed. Guinness McFadden organically farms all his vines in his estate Potter Valley farm.  See complete information on the Hopland Wine Country.

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