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lunch at rutherford grill

The Rutherford Grill on the corner of Highway 29 and Rutherford Road

About lunch at Rutherford Grill

It is always a pleasure to dine for lunch at this very popular restaurant in Rutherford. The Rutherford Grill is a favorite restaurant for locals and tourists alike. It seems to be a gathering place for folks in the wine business. Invariably, you will find yourself eavesdropping on a wine conversation. The reasons that people keep coming back to this place are the good food, an extensive wine list, and the atmosphere. Oh, one more thing, there is no wine corkage fee at the Rutherford Grill. Folks in the wine business love bringing in a prized bottle to share with their friends. For our lunch on Tuesday, Janelle ordered a glass of Miner Chardonnay and I ordered a crisp and delightful Chenin Blanc from the Terraces winery on the Silverado Trail.

butternut enchilada rutherford

Butternut squash enchilada

One of my favorite dishes is the Butternut squash enchilada dish. Inside the tortilla is the butternut squash, a few potato cubes, swiss chard, and cheese. The enchilada is placed on a tortilla sauce that is scrumptious. The sauce is a secret recipe which the staff will not reveal. I must duplicate this recipe. I have experimented with different cheese and chile sauces. It is always good but not nearly as good as the Rutherford dish. Anyone out there know what goes into these squash enchiladas and the tortilla sauce?

It is a good idea to make a reservation but walk ins are always welcome, just expect to wait a good amount of time for a table for lunch at Rutherford Grill.

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