POSTED ON May 26, 2007 | IN Activities, Restaurants | BY joe

This was one of our favorite breakfast spots in the Napa Valley. Last week, the morning after our annual Bocce Ball bash, our group planned to meet for breakfast at Gordon’s in Yountville at 9 am. We were so disappointed to find that Gordon’s had closed. There is no other place like Gordon’s in this area of the Napa Valley.

We did an Internet search and found a couple of articles related to the closure. We read that the Leslie Judd, the owner of Judd Winery, has purchased Gordon’s and is set to reopen Gordon’s sometime soon. We hope that it stays the same as before, a wonderful country style place to dine and socialize. Besides his winery, Leslie Judd owns Dean & Deluca, the delectable deli in St. Helena, and he recently purchased the four Oakville Grocery stores. Apparently, the Oakville Grocery was having some financial issues. Judd says that he plans to keep Oakville Grocery the same, so it is a good assumption that he will do the same for Gordon’s.

gordon's cafe & wine bar

We read that Gordon’s previous owner, among other factors, indicated that fewer visitors are driving past the main part of town. New businesses have surfaced in the central part of Yountville in the past couple of years. Tourists seem to concentrate in that area and not many opt to venture to the north end of Washington Street in Yountville.

The main exit in Yountville is Washington Street. You turn left and immediately drive through the very busy business area near the Vintage 1870 center. Once you pass that area and continue north, there is a definite lull in storefronts. You get the feeling that you need to turn back and nothing is ahead. We guess that is partly what made Gordon’s special. Not everyone new about the place, almost a hidden hideaway. We hope Gordon’s reopens soon and keeps the same flavor and atmosphere as before. Visitors just need to know it is there and they will come.