Iconic Robert Mondavi Winery


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The iconic Robert Mondavi Winery

It was in the mid 1960’s that the legendary Robert Mondavi founded his winery on Highway 29 in the Oakville area of the Napa Valley. Only a handful of wineries were in the Valley at that time. Hardly anyone outside Northern California knew about the wines of the Napa Valley. Everything changed once the Robert Mondavi Winery was established. Robert Mondavi was the single most important individual responsible for Napa Valley becoming one of the most famous wine regions in the world. Through Robert’s influence, the Napa Valley became a mecca for food and wine. The winery is an icon on Highway 29 and now stands as a tribute to the man. It attracts a large number of visitors throughout the year. In this photo taken in January several years ago, we see the beauty of the winery as it sits in front of the Mayacamus Mountains. Robert Mondavi passed away a few years ago, and the winery is now owned by Constellation Brands. I like to visit Mondavi at least once or twice during the year.  I like to take a few moments to just walk around and contemplate what this winery means to the Napa Valley and the world of wine.


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