Hot air balloons take off in the Napa Valley


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hot air balloons take off in the napa valley
hot air balloons take off in the napa valley
Hot air ballooning in the Napa Valley

Hot air balloons taking off in the Napa Valley

When April rolls around, it means that it’s hot air balloon season in the Napa Valley. Tourist season in April  goes full throttle as the vines awaken to a new growing season. Bud break and Spring bring the tourists out in droves to the Napa Valley. One of the big attractions for tourists is a ride above the Valley in a hot air balloon.  There are several companies that offer hot air balloon rides in the Napa Valley. They take off from various locations in the Napa Valley and most include a brunch and sparkling wine following the hot air balloon trip. In the above photo, the balloons started taking off from a Yountville location around 7 a.m. I have never taken a hot air balloon ride and do not intend to.  A balloon ride is too costly and too early in the morning for my cup of tea. Besides there are many other ways to see the Napa Valley.  There are always the wine train, tour companies, and of course your own vehicle. The early morning hours before the sun is high in the horizon is when the Napa Valley is at its best for scenic views.  One hour before sunset is also a good time for beautiful Napa Valley views.  If you are interested in a hot air balloon ride, the best idea is to do a Web search for “hot air balloon rides napa valley.” Most tourists are in the Napa Valley for one main purpose, wine and food. We have a complete set of wine routes for those who want to tour the Napa Valley on their own.

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