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hopland wineries
hopland wineries
18 Hopland wineries in Mendocino County

About Hopland Wineries

Thirty minutes north of the popular wine country town of Healdsburg is the very sleepy little wine town of Hopland in Mendocino County. It used to be the land of hops, but now grapes take center stage. If you like quiet wine country, with a tad of hippiness, this is the wine region to visit. There are 18 Hopland wineries that surround the three business blocks of Hopland.  Unlike Mendocino’s other wine region, the Anderson Valley, the Hopland area is a much different region. The Russian River flows in this area and is a major influence in terms of climate and soil. There are three official growing areas (AVA’s) in and around Hopland. Two other wine-growing regions are pending approval for AVA status. Most of the Hopland wineries practice organic farming, including biodynamic and sustainable farming. The Hopland wineries offer several tasting rooms in town and many other fully-operating wineries (with tasting rooms) are within easy driving distance of the center of Hopland. Unfortunately, upscale lodging and restaurants are few and far between. This is a list of the good places to lodge and to dine while visiting Hopland wineries. Our favorite wineries to visit include: Terra Savia, Saracina, Jeriko, and Campovida. In the town of Hopland we like the tasting rooms of McFadden, Cesar Toxqui, and Graziano.

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