Hidden Napa Valley Vineyards


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Joe Becerra

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There are many small plots of Napa Valley vineyards off the beaten path and hidden from view. The above photo shows a small plot of white wine grapes. Only a dirt road leads to this vineyard. We are guessing that the grapes (photo below) on these vines are Chardonnay. The vineyard is unmarked as to the grape variety.  It is only a few acres in size. Just beyond the line of trees in the photo is the Napa River. The photo was taken at 6:30 in the evening on August 4. A beautiful, partly cloudy sky made for a dramatic view of the vineyards and grape clusters.

In just a few weeks this vineyard will be harvested and the crush will be underway at a furious pace in the Napa Valley. This is the most exciting time in the wine country. It is also the busiest time as many tourists visit to see winemaking in action. From now until the end of October, “crush” activities can be seen up and down the Valley. The smell of fermenting grapes will fill the air. Plan early and book your hotel and dinner reservation to enjoy this spectacle of nature.


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