POSTED ON May 11, 2009 | IN Argentina, Wine Information | BY Joe Becerra

When we were in Argentina this past March, the late afternoon and evening temperatures of the late summer beckoned for chilled refreshing wines. One of my favorites was from the Tapiz winery, a Malbec Rosé. When I returned home, I could not find anything like this wonderful wine in the San Francisco Bay Area. But last week, I discovered its equal, the Crios de Susana Balbo Rosé of Malbec.

We always browse the wine shelves at Costco in search of the ultimate wine bargain. We spotted this wine as it was being stocked. There had to be at least ten cases of this wine on display. I purchased a couple of bottles; how could I lose at $7.99 a bottle? As soon as I tasted this wine, it took me back to those beautiful afternoons and early evenings in Argentina. This wine is absolutely wonderful and a delight. It is so refreshing! The wine has great aromas of strawberries and cherries. This wine goes down easily, so fruity yet dry. The color is a shade darker than you find in most Rosé wines, so it might give the impression that it is heavier than usual Rosés but this is not the case.

I’m not sure how much of the Crios Rosé is at Costco but I imagine this wine is going to move quickly. Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate gives this wine 90 Points. How many 90-point wines can you find selling for $7.99?

Rumor has it that BevMo, which has an exclusive contract with Tapiz winery in Argentina, will be selling in June, the same Tapiz Malbec Rosé we enjoyed in Argentina. I can’t wait to try and compare the Tapiz Rose to the Crios Rose.

Crios also produces one of my other favorite white wines and yet another wine bargain. The wine is a Torrentes and it also is a wonderful summer wine, but one that can be enjoyed at anytime. I am telling you, Argentina is making its move in the wine world and its only going to get better. Move over Napa Valley.