East Bench Dry Creek Valley


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east bench dry creek
east bench dry creek
East Bench Dry Creek Valley. These vineyards belong to Ray Teldeschi
About the East Bench Dry Creek Valley

There are vineyards on the floor of the Dry Creek Valley and to the west and east on the hillsides forming the Dry Creek Valley. This photo shows a portion of the East Bench of Dry Creek Valley. This vineyard is owned by Ray and Lori Teldeschi. Like many vineyards in the Dry Creek Valley, these vineyards have been passed on from generation to generation. Ray Teldeschi has a cousin down the road who also owns vineyards in Dry Creek. Ray has establish the Del Carlo wine label and uses 10% of his grapes to make a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Zinfandel. Much of the Zinfandel on this East Bench of Dry Creek are vines that are well over 100 years old. Ray also grows other grapes, including the Italian grape varietal Delicato. Ray sells 90% of his wine to other wineries.

There are two other backroads that one can take from Dry Creek Road to visit wineries and view vineyards on the east side of the Dry Creek Valley. Lytton Springs Road leads to the Ridge Winery and Mazzocco Winery. Canyon Road at the far end of Dry Creek Road leads to the Pedroncelli winery. The Pedroncelli family owns some of the oldest Zinfandel vines in California.

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