POSTED ON July 18, 2017 | IN Wine Photo of the Day | BY Joe Becerra
Torc - one of many fine restaurants in downtown Napa

Torc – one of many fine restaurants in downtown Napa

Downtown Napa Dining

There once was a time when Napa Valley tourists would bypass the town of Napa. Ten years ago, Napa was a dreary city of old-fashioned shops, with barely any upscale dining. That has changed. Today, Napa is one of the hottest tourist towns in all of wine country. Two huge developments spurred the revitalization of downtown Napa. First was the Oxbow Public Market on First Street. It opened nine years ago and today is one of the Napa Valley most visited venues. Then came the Riverfront development. Restaurants and boutique shops on the Riverfront are thriving and busy with tourists. A couple of new developments have sparked additional attention. The CIA has opened a branch division in the old Copia building, offering cooking classes and wine tasting.  The Archer Hotel is scheduled to open in late 2017, adding 180 rooms to the area. The restaurant scene in downtown Napa is thriving. Restaurants like Torc, Oenotri, Angele, and Zuzu are just a few of the amazing array of gourmet restaurants available for wine country travelers.

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