POSTED ON November 20, 2016 | IN Napa Valley | BY Joe Becerra

Take a hike in the vineyard in December in wine country.

Why December in wine country is a great time – be different, be bold

Every December we take off to wine country to take the time to rejuvenate the spirit and enjoy the beauty of wine country. December is a fantastic time to explore your favorite wine country destination. Be different, be bold, and plan a trip to the wine country this December.

December in wine country

Quiet life among the vines

Here is why December in wine country is a very good time:

  • Visiting the wine country in December is like going to a different place. If you have only seen wine country in full vineyard bloom, December brings an entirely different look and feel to it. The bare vines have a beauty all their own.
  • There is no “hustle and bustle;” there is a sense of calmness to the wine country that does not exist during the tourist season.
  • More of the local community is out and about, and they have a whole different perspective on wine country life.
  • The mustard plant is blooming here and there between the vineyard rows. Mustard usually hits a peak about 30 days after the first good rainfall. We have had that, so this should be a great mustard viewing season.
  • The most obvious, there are no crowds in tasting rooms, restaurants, and the boutique shops. It is like the “Old Days” before wine country travel became chic.
  • Because fewer people visit the wine country at this time of the year, you’re likely to find bargains in lodging and dining.
  • Shopping the wine country towns like Sonoma, Healdsburg, and St. Helena is relaxed.
  • Hiking is better in December. Take time to smell the air and the leaves.

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