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Cheeses of Europe – Cheese Twins tell how to serve cheese

One of the most informative sessions at the recent Wine Bloggers Conference in Walla Walla, Washington, was the session on Cheeses of Europe. We tasted the four kinds of cheese in the photo along with white and red wines to match the various flavors of the cheese. The Cheese Twins presented a humorous and informative seminar on cheeses, and each attendee was generously given a cheeseboard.

Some things I learn for presenting and serving cheese

  • Serve cheese from light-to-strong. Serve dry white wines with the lighter cheese.
  • Serve a light red wine, as in Pinot Noir, with a stronger cheese.
  • Serve a strong blue cheese with a Viognier.
  • Serve dried fruit and nuts for rebalancing the palate following each cheese bite.
  • When you serve cheese, use a flag (photo below) to name the cheese and label its characteristics.
  • Cheese always looks more appetizing when served on a cheese board or plate in a circular fashion.
  • In addition to cheese types of light-to-strong, there are soft-to-hard kinds of cheese, and cheese made from cow, goat, or sheep.
  • Head to a good cheese shop to start experimenting with different cheese types. Select a type of cheese you have not tried previously.



Cheese of Europe App

The Cheeses of Europe App is perfect for those learning about cheese and becoming a bonafide cheese lover. On the Home Page of the App, you can filter out the complete list of cheese by type, flavor, and milk. There are recipes and a locator for cheese shops near you. You can get the Cheeses of Europe App at this link. On the far right, use the pulldown menu to get the app for Apple or Android.

The Cheese Twins Website also has some excellent cheese recipe videos and other excellent cheese information.


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