POSTED ON June 7, 2007 | IN Lodging | BY joe

We tried the Chablis Inn a couple of weeks ago before the summer season prices went into effect. We stayed for two nights during the week for an unbelievable $84 a night. The Chablis is clean, comfortable and well maintained. There is a small pool and hot tub, and the usual room amenities. Oh yes, they do have free Internet access, something the nearby Marriott charges at a rate of $10 per day.

The Chablis is sheltered from Highway 29 so you don’t get much traffic sounds at night. Directly across the street is a small shopping center called the Redwood Plaza. The plaza has a Starbucks and the fabulous Vallergas market. The Vallergas market has a great deli and gourmet items. You can pick up your picnic goodies there before heading out to the wineries.

Chablis Inn

These bargain prices begin to disappear as the travel season hits its peak months. During the peak season, weekday prices start at $100 and twice that for weekends. At that point, you might consider the El Bonita Motel in St. Helena, or the Chateau Hotel just a few blocks away from the Chablis Inn. Each of these hotels has an online reservation system. Use the greatness of the Internet to compare and find the best rate.

The Good: Winter rates during the week, comfortable and clean, convenient location.
The Bad: No luxuries here.