Pepe Galante and Bodega Salentein

Meeting Jose Antonio “Pepe” Galante – winemaker at Bodega Salentein One of the benefits of wine blogging is an occasional invitation to meet with winery owners and winemakers.  This invitation was special. We were invited by Balzac Communications to a dinner with Pepe Galante. Pepe was here in the U.S. on tour to promote Bodega Salentein wines … Read more

Green Manure at Cedarville Vineyard

green manure

Green Manure Cover Crop Cedarville Vineyard – Zinfandel Around this time of year, it is easy to spot the vineyards that are practicing sustainable and organic farming. The telltale signs are the rows of green plants growing in between the vines. These are called cover crops or green manure. Their purpose is to provide nitrogen … Read more

Kokomo Winery at Timber Crest Farms

Eric indicates that this has been a most challenging start to the 2014 growing season. The drought and the record-breaking warm temperatures of January are something not seen in the California wine country in many a moon. Erik points to the cover crops growing between rows of vineyards.

About the Tempranillo Grape of Rioja

This Bodega is not only known for its outstanding wines but it has, what most wine experts agree, the greatest wine museum in the world. We moved among the grape varietals in the garden listening to Rafael speak about the most important grapes grown in the Rioja wine region.

Dobra Zemlja Winery in Amador County

If you are lucky enough, you might be able to spot Croatian winemaker Milan Matulich working in his vineyards or in the cellar. Just look for the guy with the flowing white hair and charismatic white mustache.

A conversation with Greg La Follette

Greg La Follette is one of the world’s most esteemed winemakers. He has mentored many winemakers, and his winemaking skills and expertise have been highly sought after. Case in point, the day before meeting Greg we were visiting the acclaimed Medlock Ames winery on Bell Mountain in the Alexander Valley. It turns out the Greg … Read more

Steven Kent Mirassou Talks Cabernet

His mission as a winemaker at Steven Kent is to make “the best Cabernet Sauvignon wine and Bordeaux Blend in the world.” He is not slightly hesitant about his commitment to accomplish this lofty goal.

Winemaker Brian Maloney zips and dashes between DeLoach and Buena Vista wineries

I met with Brian at the DeLoach winery located on Olivet Road in the Russian River Valley near Santa Rosa, CA. He says the workdays are long but rewarding. On many days he travels to both wineries, plus the Raymond winery in the Napa Valley.

Frey Vineyards Petite Sirah

After attending the Commonwealth Meeting in San Francisco on “Wine: Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic – What Does it All Mean?,” we purchased several bottles made by Frey Vineyards and Parducci Winery. Jonathan Frey of Frey Vineyards and Paul Dolan of Parducci were featured speakers at this Commonwealth Meeting. We found the wines at Whole Foods in … Read more

Wine: Sustainable, Organic, Biodynamic. What Does it All Mean?

Last night we had the opportunity be present at the Commonwealth Club meeting in San Francisco to hear winemakers Paul Dolan, Jonathan Frey, and Phil Larocca enlightened us on this very popular and important topic in the wine industry today. Each of these three individuals is considered to be a pioneer in the field of … Read more