Williamsburg Winery in Virginia – Wine and American History

If you are an American history buff and a wine lover, then Williamsburg, Virginia, is a city to put on your bucket list. We visited Williamsburg following the 4th Annual Wine Bloggers Conference in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I walked into a very fancy wine shop in historic Williamsburg. The owner had a wonderful assortment of wines from around the world. He had only a small section stocked with wines made in Virginia. They were all wines from the Williamsburg Winery. I asked why and he said simply because they make the best wines in Virginia. By coincidence we had tasted a Williamsburg wine at the Wine Bloggers Conference a few days previously. We had rated it highly. The proprietor of the shop suggested we visit, stating the “winery is only ten minutes away.”

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Brabo Wine Tasting Bar in Old Town Alexandria

Following the Wine Bloggers Conference in Charlottesville, we spent a few days traveling around Virginia wine country. While walking around Old Town Alexandria, we couldn’t resist having lunch at the very inviting Brabo Tasting Room, adjacent to the beautiful Lorien Hotel and Spa.

The tasting room offers a nice selection of red and white wines available by the taste, the glass, or the bottle. The list of wines also includes sparkling wines, dessert wines and a wide assortment of beer. The surprise to us was that there was not a single Virginia wine on the list. We mentioned to our server Bryan how delighted we’d been with all the Virginia wines we’d sampled at the conference, and he promised to pass the word on.

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Virginia Wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail – Wine Bloggers Conference 2011

Last week 300 wine bloggers met in Charlottesville, Virginia, for their 4th annual conference and spent three days learning how to be better wine bloggers, while at the same time discovering Virginia wine and wine country. What better way to learn about Virginia wine than to visit nearby wineries?

On Saturday the 300 wine bloggers were wined and dined at wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail. Each wine blogger boarded one of seven buses that trekked the bloggers out to two wineries for a day of touring, tasting, and feasting on appetizers and a gourmet lunch. The bus we boarded took us to two very interesting and wonderful wineries on the Monticello Wine Trail, Pippin Hill Farms & Vineyards and Veritas Vineyards. Here is a brief description of the two wineries we visited.

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