Napa Valley Hiking – Moore Creek Park

Moore Creek

The late winter months present many days of quality hiking in the Napa Valley. The outdoors, with your mask in use, is safer than most activities in wine country. If you miss the wine country, try this hike. On the way to the hike entrance, you will drive by many beautiful vineyards and wineries. Hiking … Read more

Pinnacles Hike in Wine Country

Hike in wine country – Pinnacles and Leal Vineyards For those of you who love hiking and wine, put this trip on your schedule. The Pinnacles is one of our sixty national parks, but off the radar of most visitors to the National Parks. The city of Hollister is the main route to the Pinnacles … Read more

Wine Country Hidden Wines and Hikes

Montgomery Woods State Natural Preserve

Wine Country Hidden Wines and Hikes – Mendocino County If you are traveling between the Anderson Valley and the Hopland wine country, this is a sweet hike for wine lovers who love the outdoor life. Hiking in Montgomery Woods State Natural Reserve For a secret and hidden getaway for hiking and wine fun, try Mendocino’s … Read more

Armstrong Grove and Wine Taste

Armstrong Grove State Prk

Take a morning hike in Armstrong Grove State Park and then pack a lunch and visit one of the many terrific wineries on the Westside Road Wine Trail.

Alston Park – Hiking in the Napa Valley

Easy hiking Alston Park in Napa

Alston Park – Hiking in the Napa Valley On our last visit to the Napa Valley, we discovered a great hiking spot in the Napa Valley. The area is Alston Park. It is a park that the locals have been hiking for years. If you feel like you have had too much of the good life … Read more

Healdsburg Ridge Hike and Wine Picnic

Healdsburg Ridge

This is a great little wine country hike that begins very near the Simi Winery in Healdsburg. Plan on spending about an hour to an hour and a half enjoying the beauty and solitude of the open space wilderness area just above a residential housing development in northern Healdsburg. It is best to take this … Read more

Riverfront Regional Park in the Russian River Valley Wine Country

Mix wine country with a picnic, hike, and more – Riverfront Regional Park It it always healthy to mix in some exercise among all the wine and food consumption during a wine country trip. The Riverfront Regional Park in the Russian River Valley provides just that with some easy hiking trails.  The Coastal Redwood  picnic … Read more

Wine tasting and wine hiking in Santa Cruz Mountains

Wine Tasting and Wine Hiking – Picchetti Winery Here is a nice idea, combine an outing of wine tasting with a day of hiking. This can be done at the Picchetti Winery located in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Cupertino. The Picchetti Winery is located on land owned by the Peninsula Open Space and is … Read more