POSTED ON January 16, 2007 | IN Coffee House | BY joe

Calistoga Roastery has two locations, one in Calistoga and the other in St. Helena just behind the Flora Springs tasting room. The Calistoga Roastery in Calistoga is one of our favorites Napa Valley places for breakfast and a good cup of coffee. The Roastery has a warm and wonderful feeling and is a social gathering spot for many of the locals. The coffee house is very roomy so no matter how busy it is, you can always find a place to sit.

Besides the excellent coffee, Calistoga Roastery has some delicious items for breakfast. Our standard is either an order of eggs or when feeling healthy, the yummy granola and yogurt confection. There are many choices for coffee or tea; our favorite is a large latte.

Calistoga Roastery in Calistoga

The Roastery in Calistoga is open from 6:30 a.m to 6:00 pm. They have a lunch menu of sandwiches and seasonal items. They also serve beer and wine. There is Internet access available for a fee.

Besides the good coffee and food, there is a large selection of coffee beans and teas for sale along with the usual fare of mugs and other gourmet coffee items. The Calistoga Roastery is located at 1426 Lincoln Avenue, in the town’s business area. The Roastery does have a web site but it is essentially an online site for purchasing their coffee and related products.

The Good: Great coffee, homey atmosphere, and a good breakfast selection for a coffee house.
The Bad: The fee for Internet access