POSTED ON September 19, 2015 | IN Wine Photo of the Day | BY Joe Becerra
Cafe Sarafornia best breakfas

Cafe Sarafornia on Lincoln in Calistoga

Cafe Sarafornia – best breakfast in the Napa Valley

What folks like about Cafe Sarafornia in Calistoga is not just the variety of good breakfast food but the homey and relaxed atmosphere of the spot. It is popular among locals and regular visitors to this end of the Napa Valley. Even on weekdays during the summer, there is a wait outside to get into this happening spot. Like many businesses in Calistoga, it is historic, with a starting date of 1890. So where does the name Sarafornia come from? You can read it above the breakfast counter when dining at Cafe Sarafornia.  Apparently, Sam Brannan, the founder of Calistoga, had a little too much whiskey one night. He slurred a few words and mixed up others, and said Sarafornia instead of California and Calistoga instead of Saratoga. Thus became Calistoga and later Cafe Sarafornia. Cafe Sarafornia also serves lunch, but breakfast is the main attraction. It is fun to stroll the downtown streets of Calistoga. The buildings are old and funky, and the clientele is not as snobbish as you might find in other parts of the Napa Valley. There are also plenty of tasting rooms along Lincoln Avenue to keep one busy all day long.

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Cafe Sarafornia

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