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Fiddletown is one of the hidden spots you will discover when visiting the Sierra Foothills wine country. Fiddletown is in Amador County. This report is a guest Blog Post by Marilyn McDanel of Brown’s English Toffee and Celtic Candies.

In Fiddletown, Brown’s English Toffee and Celtic Candies

Founded in 1985 as a cottage industry business by Tom and Helen Brown in Oakhurst, California under the name of Brown’s Cottage Toffee, making only milk and dark chocolate toffee.  Brown’s was sold twice thereafter with the third owner relocating it to Fair Oaks near Sacramento, renaming it Brown’s English Toffee and making it more of a hobby/cottage business.  In 2012 the fourth owners, Carl and Marilyn McDanel relocated to in current home in the small historic hamlet of Fiddletown located in the Shenandoah Valley wine region of the Sierra Foothills in Amador County.  Taking the only commercial building in Fiddletown they opened the kitchen and adding to the name, now making it Brown’s English Toffee and Celtic Candies.  People soon began knocking on the door wanting to purchase the toffee and other confections.  In early 2013 the store officially opened.  One can stop by watch the candies being made while browsing the shop.  Along with our confections we also offer T-shirts, local artisan works and crafts.

It is our dream to eventually make candy that represents the seven Celtic Nations (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man, Brittany, Cornwall and Galatia).  We are presently making candy that represents six of those seven Celtic Nations.

Today we offer toffee with almonds, toffee without almonds, and sugar free toffee.  The toffees are coated in milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate along with no coating at all.  

Our Celtic candies will one day represent all seven Celtic Nations. Presently our recipes are from Brittany, France with the sweet salty taste of salted caramels, the Isle of Man with the oldest recipe of Honey Fudge, the recipe dating back some 600 years. Ireland and its Coffee Fudge (some have said its like eating their Irish Coffee), Scotland coming in with the most popular confection of Tablet in three flavors; Traditional, Single Malt and Vanilla. The single malt is made with a 10-year-old single malt whisky. Wales with its famous Loshin Du or black toffee or to those Harry Potter fans Treacle (pronounced tree kuhl). Last, but not the end, is Cornwall with the decadent creamy goodness of Chocolate Orange Fudge. To complete our Celtic candy line, we are currently researching candies of Galatia and Asturias.  These two nations have become such a part of Spain it is difficult to determine specifically what their confection is.  

Our specialty confections range from ice cream topping/Baking Mix, to peanut brittle and peppermint bark (in season), Sweetie Hearts with the “three basic food groups” – white chocolate blended with peanut butter and a dark chocolate base. 

In the making of all our candies and confections we use only the highest quality ingredients; Grade AA Butter, Blue Diamond almonds, pure cane sugar and the best chocolate money can buy.  All our confections are gluten and soy free with the exception of the sugar free toffee which does have soy.

Some of our confections are international but our candies are made locally here in Fiddletown with love.

We are a veteran family owned and operated business. Our address is 14385 Fiddletown Road, Fiddletown, CA 95629

In Fiddletown, Toffee store
In Fiddletown, Brown’s English Toffee

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Toffee and Wine Country in Amador's Shenandoah Valley
Toffee and Wine Country in Amador’s Shenandoah Valley


  1. Sharon Owen says

    I bought some toffees and losing du at the Portland Highland games last weekend. Amazing! I love that it is so lovingly made and especially that it’s made with simple, fine ingredients. The Loshin du was my favorite, although it’s hard to make a choice since they were all so delicious! Thank you for sharing your connections with us up north <3