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This is important Bocce ball information. Bocce Ball is an easy game for first timers. It is fun, enjoyable, and it provides a light competition among friends. There are many wineries with Bocce Ball courts. Playing Bocce Ball at a beautiful winery, with a picnic lunch and good wine is one of life’s great delights. Check out list of wineries with Bocce Courts.

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How do you score in Bocce?

Bocce ball information for playing Bocce at a Winery or Anywhere

  • Use the basic rules of Bocce Ball – Don’t get too complicated. Keep games short, play to nine.
  • Bring a carpenter’s tape measure. It will settle arguments about who is closer.
  • Select one person to keep the score. It is easy to forget the score, especially when drinking wine.
  • Set up a tournament. Tournaments can be single elimination or double elimination.
  • Award prizes. Collect a playing fee before the games. Purchase gift certificates from the winery that winners can apply to the purchase of wine.
  • Bring water.
  • Most of the wine country is hot during the summer months. Be prepared for the heat.
  • Always call ahead to see if the Bocce Ball court is available. If you have a big party and plan to play a tournament, call ahead to reserve the court for the day. Wineries differ in the way they allow visitors to play on the courts.
  • It is possible to play Bocce Ball without an official Bocce Ball court. If you can find a smooth grass area, you can mark off a make-shift court. You will, of course, need your own set of Bocce Balls. Always check with the winery to see if this is okay.

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