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This article is the third in a series featuring wine and Coastal Redwoods in a wine country getaway. Head to the Anderson Valley for wine and Redwoods.

take a walk in a redwood forest when in wine country
A walk in the Redwoods

Why we love the Redwoods and Why you will, too

The Coastal Redwood trees are some of the oldest and tallest trees in the world. When you walk in a Redwood Forest, magic will happen. Look up and see the majesty of these trees. One of the most remarkable attributes of these trees is their resiliency. They can withstand fires, smoke, floods, insects, and more. Their intricate root structures help other trees and plant life in the forest. When you walk in a Redwood Forest, you can feel the trees’ resiliency, strength, and perseverance. These are the attributes that we want in ourselves.

Why vineyards thrive where Redwood Trees are living

Not all vineyard varieties grow alongside Redwoods, just those that like the same type of climate as the Redwoods: Grapes like Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Alsatian grapes. These are cool-climate grapes that love the environment of fog, cooling breezes, and moderate temperatures.

The Anderson Valley in Mendocino County is one of our favorite wine country destinations. We prefer it over Napa Valley or Sonoma.

what is an ava
Anderson Valley AVA in Mendocino County

From the Golden Gate Bridge, a car ride is about 2 hours. A good stop on the way for lunch in Healdsburg (70 miles) is the Healdsburg Bar & Grill. Rather than stopping for lunch, we prefer stocking up with picnic food at Big John’s Market in Healdsburg. We leave early from our Peninsula home and get to our favorite Anderson Valley winery at about 1 pm. The Anderson Valley is on Highway 128.

Why you should go to the Anderson Valley Wine Country and not Napa Valley or Sonoma

  • Fewer tourists
  • Food and lodging are far less expensive
  • Tasting fees are reasonable or, in some cases, there is no tasting fee
  • Fantastic Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Alsatian wines, and sparkling wines
  • Stunning scenery and a serene experience
  • Many small and unique wineries
  • Very friendly people
  • An abundance of Coastal Redwood Trees
  • Not much in the way of wine snobbery or wine speak

The main town in the Anderson Valley is Boonville. You can find lodging in Boonville as well as restaurants. Since the area is less touristy, restaurants are relatively few. Check accommodation and restaurants here.

Spend one or two nights in the Anderson Valley. That will give you a chance to visit some fantastic wineries and explore the Redwoods. Mixing wine country and Redwoods is one of life’s great delights.

Redwood trees in the Anderson Valley and vineyards
Fun viewing of Redwoods in the Anderson Valley

You will find Redwoods living next to vineyards, but visit Hendy Woods State Park to get an eye-popping view of the Coastal Redwoods. This State Park is eight miles northwest of Boonville, a half-mile south of Highway 128 on Philo-Greenwood Road.

Pack a lunch, hike, or relax among the amazing Redwood Groves. Bring some wine and toast these magnificent trees.

Anderson Valley Wineries

Handley winery, unique and fun wine tasting, family owned
Handley winery, unique and fun wine tasting, family owned, small

Check our listing of all the terrific wineries and finds ones that suite your style of wines. We love the older wineries that are family-owned. These include Navarro, Husch, and Handley. For sparkling wine, nothing beats the view and tasting at Roederer.

Coastal Town of Mendocino

Many romantic B&B or AirB&B in Mendocino on the coast
Many romantic B&B’s or AirB&B’s in Mendocino on the coast

One of the most Romantic small towns in the USA is Mendocino. It is an escape to another time and place. The Pacific Ocean bluffs and views are unbelievable. We like to stay at least two nights in Mendocino. We do this at least once a year. Now that COVID seems to be waning, we plan to make up for lost time.

On the way back

If you are still interested in doing some unusual wine tasting, try these two wineries in the Yorkville Highlands wine region. It About 25 miles east of Boonville on 128. Artevino/Maple Creek Vineyards and Yorkville Cellars. Artevino is the name artist Tom Rodrigues denotes to his wines. The labels are his works of art. The wines are just as good as the art.

find redwood trees at Maple Creek vineyard
The vines at Maple Creek – Redwoods in the background

Yorkville Cellars, a family-owned and operated winery, was the first winery certified in 1986 by the CCOF. Yorkville Cellars is a classy winery with passionate farming and winemaking. The wines are mostly Bordeaux style and excellent. If you stop there, you’ll see something you won’t find in a Napa Valley winery.

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