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These are a few of the Amador Vintners who are making Amador County rock in the world of wine. Some are old timers, progressing with the times, while others are new and energetic, eager to add their skills to the Amador wine scene.

Amador Vintners who rock

Scott Harvey
Scott Harvey – Pioneer of Amador wines

Scott Harvey

Scott Harvey grew up in the Sierra Foothills and began making wine professionally in 1975. Scott started his label, Scott Harvey Wines, in 2004. Scott’s style of winemaking is the result of his European wine training and his work with cutting-edge winemakers in California. His wines are restrained, geared for aging, but ready to enjoy now. Scott Harvey is one of the most influential winemakers in California. Scott Harvey Wines has a tasting room in Sutter Creek and a winery and tasting room on Shenandoah Valley Road, just outside Plymouth, CA. Please see Scott Harvey Wines.

Ann Kraemer
Ann Kraemer in her vineyard at Shake Ridge Ranch

Anne Kraemer

Anne Kraemer’s Shake Ridge Vineyards near Sutter Creek is one of the most prestigious vineyards in Amador County. Her grapes are highly praised and sought after. She sells her grapes to many boutique wineries, including several in the Napa Valley. She keeps small lots of varietals to produce her wine label, Yorba Wines. Anne has a Yorba Wines tasting room in Sutter Creek. The wines are beautiful wines. One interesting wine, and the only white at Yorba, is Greco di Oro. The grape is Greco di Tufo from the Campania region of Italy. Outstanding! Read more on Shake Ridge Ranch.

cooper vineyard amador
Dick Cooper – Cooper Vineyards

Dick Cooper

The man of the Barbera grape. Dick Cooper began his grape-growing career in 1980, planting five acres of Barbera. Today, Cooper Vineyards has more than 85 acres of grape varieties, and just about half of those are Barbera. Like Anne Kraemer, Dick Cooper sells his prized

barbera-buckgrapes to many vintners in Amador and keeps the finest for his Cooper Vineyards label. Dick Cooper can spin a tale, but one we most like is about the Barbera Buck. He has a one-dollar bill framed with a signed agreement on it between him and a grower for Dolcetto and Barbera cuttings. The Cooper Vineyard wine list includes both Italian and new American wines. Cooper Vineyards has a beautiful winery and tasting room in Shenandoah Valley at 21365 Shenandoah School Road.

Michael Havill pouring her delicious Grenache Blanc

Michael Havill

Michael Havill is one of the new winemakers in Amador and one of the few women winemakers. Michael and her husband purchased 50 acres of land in the Shenandoah Valley in the early 2000’s. In 2006 they founded the Bella Grace winery. The winery has quickly gained recognition for white wines and outstanding Zinfandel wine. There are two places to taste Bella Grace wines. The winery, caves and tasting opportunities are on 22715 Upton Road in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. Bella Grace also has a quaint tasting room in nearby Sutter Creek.

Paul Scotto with his Syrah and Viognier

Paul Scotto

Paul Scotto is an upcoming winemaker in both Amador County and Lodi wine country. He is a fifth-generation winemaker of the famous Scotto Family who has been farming grapes for a hundred or more years in Lodi. It has been Paul’s dream to own a winery, producing wines linking traditional and modern methods to make delicious and food-friendly wines. His label is Sera Fina Cellars. Paul makes most of his wine at the Lodi family location but does have a tasting room in Plymouth. The wines are well made and reflect the place of Amador County.

Mark McKenna explains how he uses the concrete egg

Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna reflects a new breed of take-charge winemakers. He is the head winemaker at Andis Wines. Mark’s wines reflect a modern approach to winemaking using state-of-the-art winemaking equipment and techniques. His Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon wines are very crisp, refreshing and tropical. Our favorite reds are the Cabernet Franc and the Zinfandel from the 1869 Original Grandpere Vineyard. If you like Zinfandel, this is the one to try.  Please see Andis Wines.

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