Amador Flower Farm on Shenandoah School Road


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Joe Becerra

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Amador flower farm
Amador flower farm
A gardener’s delight. Combine wine tasting and gardening in one wine country trip.

About the Amador Flower Farm and wine tasting

Here is a chance to combine two hobbies, wine country travel and gardening. One of wine country’s prettiest backroads is Shenandoah School Road in Amador County in the Sierra Foothills. The Shenandoah School Road connects at two ends to Shenandoah Road and is about a four-mile stretch of rolling hills lined with vineyards, majestic oak trees and grassland.  Among the wineries and vines of this backroad is a wonderful garden nursery, the Amador Flower Farm. Their specialty is day lilies but they have many other plants to delight the gardener. There are over 900 types of day lilies available for purchase online or at the nursery. You can also enjoy a picnic lunch, so pack your deli sandwich. On this stretch of road are several wineries, but we particularly enjoy Wildrotter Vineyards, Cooper Vineyards, and Karmere Vineyards. We enter Shenandoah School Road from the Plymouth end, and then it returns to Shenandoah Road in about four miles. The Amador Flower Farm is located at the northern end of Shenandoah School Road. The closest town to this backroad is Plymouth, but we prefer to lodge and dine in the historic Gold Country town of Sutter Creek.  Sutter Creek has much to offer the wine country traveler.

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