Ad Hoc Restaurant in Yountville


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Joe Becerra

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A sign on the outside of Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc Restaurant in Yountville reads “for the temporary relief of hunger.” Indeed, the four-course meal is so good that no eating is required the day after dining here. Not only is the food terrific but the atmosphere and crowd are festive and lively. The place just gives you a good feeling. The restaurant is very casual. The waiter drops off the food in large plates and you help yourself family style. Even the wine is casually served, no big deal about the presentation or the pouring of wine.

Ad Hoc Restaurant in Yountville

The menu is priced fixed and it is a four course meal that changes nightly. Whatever is on the menu for that night is that, there are no other selections. We dined at Ad Hoc on a Monday night in March. Apparently, they rotate a set of four-course meals each night. Our main dish on that Monday was fried chicken. The first course was a delicious garden salad with fresh everything. Then came the fried chicken and what a wonderful and scrumptious meal. There was plenty for the four of us and we managed to eat the entire serving. Our original thought was we would have some left to take home. A cheese plate followed this. Dessert was a fabulous banana cream upside down cake with coconut ice cream. This is not a good place if you are counting calories.

Ad Hoc Restaurant

The price is $45 per person. We think that is a very good bargain for the high quality of the food. We have eaten in plenty of restaurants where we have paid more for less. We brought in our own bottle of wine and we were charged $20 for corkage.

The Good: The fabulous food and atmosphere. The price is a bargain.
The Bad: Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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