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Abecela winery

Abecela winery

About Abacela Winery

Abacela winery is one of Oregon’s most famous wineries, even though they don’t make a single Pinot Noir wine. It is also one of Oregon’s most visited wineries for these reasons. Gorgeous tasting room, beautiful hillside vineyards, instructional stations among the vines, peaceful picnic area, sustainable farming, and most importantly delicious wines.

The owners, Earl and Hilda Jones fell in love with the Tempranillo grape in their Spanish travels and wanted to produce that varietal in Oregon. They searched for the perfect spot to plant Tempranillo vines and found it in the Umpqua Valley in Southern Oregon. They planted their first Tempranillo grapes in 1995 at what was to become Abacela. Today, Abacela makes several labels of Tempranillo wines and other Spanish varietals, including a crisp, white Albariño, which is our favorite.

If you’re taking a trip to Ashland, Oregon, for the Shakespeare festival, why not think about a side-trip 100 miles north of Ashland to the Roseburg area, where Abacela is located. Stay a night and explore the wonderful Umpqua Valley and other wineries located in this area. Or, if you are on your way to Portland, consider a stop at the Abacela winery, It’s a wine lover’s paradise.

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2 thoughts on “Abacela Winery”

  1. Hey Joe,
    Well, the Umpqua Valley AVA is my old stomping grounds…pun intended. Ran my wine tours there for 7 years.
    Abacela has a nice line up of wines and don’t miss their oven-fired pizza night on Friday!!

    The Umpqua Valley will surprise people for its superb wines and beautiful peaceful countryside. Just about the opposite of Napa Valley yet with great wine. Try the Syrah’s and especially HillCrest Winery, Oregon’s oldest since prohibition!!

    • Hey Bruce,
      Janelle and I did go to Hillcrest and we loved their wines. We have to do the pizza at Abacela one of these summers. Thanks for commenting.

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